I am part Author, part Photographer, and part Artist. I am also quite philosophical about life. True to say that I am a free spirit in a world of people where I feel that the strong can be too strong and the weak can be too weak. Whatever happens, I fervently believe that we are all masters, or mistresses of our own destiny. We have a choice in what we do. We have an obligation to take responsibility for our own actions.

If we fall, we must pick ourselves up again. If we fail, we must try again. If we succeed, we must help others to help themselves to succeed.

We should not see success by how much money we have, but by looking at where we are now, from where we began in life. It is logical that the richer one is, the further one has to go to become a better person. It is too easy to sit back on one’s bank balance and watch the world go by. How far does one get by doing that? That is standing still.

Even more importantly, I believe our success in life is also measured by who we are as people. It is easy to be a bad person, but there are consequences to be faced when the light of their behavior finally dawns. It is much more challenging to be a good person no matter how bad others may be to you.

It may be a cliche’ but we really do reap what we sow.